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for the girl who
doesn't want to forget
Ever wonder, does God even answer my prayers? 

Without a record, it’s hard to know. When we don’t remember, it’s easy to assume our prayers are going unanswered. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a written list of all the ways God’s been faithful to us? 

We think so! That’s why Plan to Pray creates tools for women battling distraction or doubt as they pray. We wholeheartedly believe in the effectiveness of listing your prayers on paper, so you can tangibly see God work in your life.

The Prayer Planner is designed to help you record & review your prayers using a simple, organized layout. The best part: it’s all in your own handwriting.

i didn't remember
The Prayer Planner was born out of my deep need to make prayer happen. Removing distractions by recording my prayers helped me fight to see and remember God’s faithfulness to me. The business of life demands attention, but my soul, and I suspect yours too, longs for the peace and relationship prayer provides. Prayer, defined as a conversation between you and God, can be transforming and enriching.

At Plan to Pray, our passion is to empower women (and men) with resources that help them pray purposefully, powerfully, and persistently. We truly believe that the simple act of recording and reviewing your conversations with God will transform your heart and mind. We have met God in prayer and our confident assurance is that if you seek Him, you will too.


  • Beautiful thoughts on the planner...

  • Beautiful thoughts on the planner...

  • Beautiful thoughts on the planner...