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Why Should You Use The Prayer Planner

If you are like me, it can be challenging to add something new to your routine, even when it’s something that you really want to do. Life is busy. Between making meals, vacuuming the floors, and being the family taxi driver and referee, our quiet time with Jesus can get pushed back with every passing moment. 


The Prayer Planner is the perfect tool to help you develop a daily prayer time that takes you deeper in relationship with our Heavenly Father. The Prayer Planner is designed to make your prayer life more consistent and memorable. When we record our prayers, we are able to look back and remember. In the chaos and craziness of our day to day lives, it can feel like the battles are more than the victories. 


We can easily miss the character of God that is woven into every essence of our prayers, our challenges, and our victories.

 Prayer journal sitting on a blue table with greenery, a coffee mug and prayer beads.  Journal says Pray without ceasing.


So, why do you need the Prayer Planner?


1. To develop a meaningful and intentional relationship with God. As you create consistent time daily to record, review, and remember your petitions to the Lord you will begin to grow deeper in love with His word and His goodness in your life. Your prayer life will become more intentional. Adding time to your routine to prep, plan, and pray will produce a fruitful prayer life.


2. To remember God’s faithfulness. The Prayer Planner is designed with versatile spaces for requests, praises, stories, and scriptures. One of the most unique features of this planner is there are no dates. Although it is designed to create consistency in your prayer life, there is flexibility if you forget a week or a month. Your life as a mom, wife, and sister in Christ is filled with enough pressure. You don’t need it from your planner too!


3. To create a consistent and persistent prayer life. The vision of this planner was created out of an essence and need for consistency and persistency in challenging seasons. This prayer planner gives you the space to prep and plan through the designed monthly calendars and spaces designed for your daily requests. This is a versatile tool that allows you to categorize and utilize the planner in a way that best suits your needs.

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