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The Three Month Prayer Planner - Brand New Cover Designs - Plan to Pray

The Three Month Prayer Planner - Brand New Cover Designs


Prayer Planning is a “new” idea to most people. The goal is to record your prayer requests with the purpose of seeing how God answers.  We believe that recording your prayers is the key to remembering God’s faithfulness. #recordtoremember

The idea is to end up with a written record of your conversation with God.

Most of us like the idea of journaling but finding the time to do it daily and consistently is nearly impossible.  We want to help you fight the overwhelm to make recording your prayers happen.

We believe there is a big shift when you can see God's faithfulness to show up written down in your own handwriting.

It is designed to help you record your prayers weekly so you can remember God’s faithfulness to you personally.

Our Pocket Prayer Planner is perfect for those who like to take their prayers on the go.  This is the  “three month” version of our signature Yearly Prayer Planner. Its perfect for the busy working girl, the stressed out student, the hard working single mama, the overwhelmed stay-at-home mom, the retired Grandmother… you get the idea. 

Each month, you’ll find our signature weekly planning pages, monthly top ten praise pages as well 2 pages to jot down stories or details of answered prayer.

The weekly planning pages:

• Fill out weekly

• designed to list or write out your prayers

• Box format with space for a title/topic

• Fill in days of the week circles in each box

• Answered prayers box to help you keep track of God’s responses to specific requests

The monthly Praise Page:

• Fill out monthly

• designed in a “top-10” format to help you review, reflect and record all the ways God has answered your prayers

The monthly Stories page:

• Fill out as you go

• Designed to help you take note of details or write out stories you don’t want to forget

• Lists jot our memories. Details help paint a clear picture of the magnitutde of God’s goodness to you.

60 pages total, 56 inside pages

The cover is printed on 12pt cover paper and the insides are printed on 70# offset paper.

Dimensions are 5.5 by 8.5 with rounded corners.

Designed & Printed in the USA

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