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As a newlywed, I had definite hopes and dreams of how I expected life to go. For us, it was JPat finishing school and getting a super fancy high paying job while I saved the world teaching in the inner city. After traveling for a few years, we would have three kids. A boy first, (I’ve always longed for an older brother) and then 2 girls, because sisters are the best. I would stay at home after the kids were born, we would bake fresh cookies together, and have nightly devotionals around the fire.

I hope you’re laughing out loud with me.

Five minutes in reality reminds us that life doesn’t turn out how you anticipated.

JPat and I ended up having our first baby while he was completing grad school and I was working as a teacher. The next few years were filled with constant change as JPat graduated, we moved three times in 3 years, started a small business, and added two more children to our growing family. Throw in the challenges of raising three kids and our days were crazy. Towards the end of 2016, as life began to settle, I was able to be still and evaluate my heart’s desires.

In the busyness of modern life, I had picked up a crazy schedule and set aside my prayer life. Ignoring the fact that the Holy Creator of the universe had invited me to a conversation, I chose instead to focus on the latest “news” on my various screens. I wanted to be the prayerful wife, the prayerful mama, friend, girl, etc. But where I stood at the end of 2016 felt nothing like that. Sure I prayed when needs arose or I was scared, but a prayer warrior? A woman known to be on her knees lifting her family, friends, and community in prayer? NOPE, not me.

It was so easy to answer the call of the next “urgent” thing rather than the Lord’s still small voice. Even in the slower rhythms of life, prayer was easily pushed aside. Even when I realized my problem, getting into the daily discipline of prayer wasn’t coming naturally.

It was another item on my to do list, not getting done.

Good intentions were far too easily set aside by the distracting cries of the pressing.

Deep down, I knew that prayer was truly transformational for my mind and spirit. And yet, my daily schedule rarely reflected that truth and value. My prayer life was not purposeful, nor vibrant, nor effective. Often it was simply nonexistent. Why was it this way? I mean, I cherished prayer, loved to pray, and be prayed over. I knew the personal life changing effects of prayer. I desired a vibrant relationship with the Lord that prayer fosters. But when I just let prayer happen, it never did. Something more urgent always came up.

One day in early 2017 I found myself in the middle of a slight soul crisis. My prayers, my dreams, my relationships, and my plans weren’t where I longed for them to be. I was busy, restless, and stuck. So, I decided to be still. I cleared the schedule and started to pray.

However, even with ample time to pray and be still, I floundered in my prayer time. My mind was chasing any stray thought that came along. I found myself overwhelmed. I needed to do something different. I turned to planning out my prayers in a feeble attempt to change.

Planning out prayer seemed like a strange idea at first. I felt as if my prayers would be more effective if they were spontaneous. Yet, when I didn’t plan my prayers, many were left unspoken or forgotten. So much of my day was planned, why wouldn’t I plan to pray?

The goal was to put prayer purposefully in my schedule. So I began to fill my paper calendar with all kinds of prayer requests for my family, friends, and beyond. A few weeks in, I quickly realized my weekly planner was peppered with petitions to God that were much weightier and heavier than my dentist appointments and PTA meetings.

I wanted to separate the two. I searched for a product to help me organize my prayers on a weekly basis but also feel classic enough to cherish. When nothing fit the bill, I decided to create one. My hope is that this planner will help us to become consistent & persistent people of prayer.

Our focus is not to just set time aside to pray, but to actually create a plan that works for you to pray and stick to it. For me, this tool has become an effective and eye opening way of praying and remembering the goodness and power of God in my life, family, community, and world.

Over the past season of growing, God has shown me consistently and powerfully the power of WRITING THINGS DOWN. He has shown me that my biggest problem is not a faith problem, not a doubt problem.

I HAVE A MEMORY PROBLEM. I don’t remember what God has done for me because I don’t write things down. Don’t get me wrong, the biggest things He has done are already recorded in His word. He hasn’t changed but I often forget those personal ordinary reminders of His work in my life. Those answers that come in prayer.

My vision for this planner is to help us remember God’s faithfulness by recording it.

May your time using this planner be intentional, bring glory to the Lord, and be utilized as a tool for God’s transforming work in us and this broken world!

our mission

Plan to pray exists to educate, equip, and encourage women (and men) to develop a meaningful, consistent, and vibrant relationship with God by RECORDING their prayers so they can REMEMBER God’s faithfulness. We believe that a depth in prayer will foster a thriving relationship with Jesus transforming hearts and minds.

a little more about me

If you're dying to hear more, here are five things you might not know about me.

I grew up in New York. Actually, I grew up in a suburb of Long Island but New York sounds way cooler.

I was born in India, but have been in the states most of my life!! Growing up, immigrant life had its challenges, but looking back I'm so grateful for the different perspective I have to offer.  I have a pretty wild “come to Jesus” story! Ask me about it sometime!

I love the idea of being outside all the time but there are two realities I have to face daily:  Texas heat and Texas bugs!

I consider myself an introvert though I’m pretty friendly and outgoing.  My best days include hanging out with the people I love and engaging in deep meaningful  conversation. It leaves me feeling all kinds of energized!

I’ve never met a bowl of queso I didn’t like! It's a major perk of being a transplant Texan.

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