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How to Use The Prayer Planner

The “Weekly Prayer” section of the Prayer Planner is your space to keep track of and list your petitions to the Lord. This space is designed to record your requests and burdens. There are no rules or regulations! You get to choose a format and plan that allows you to record and remember. Below are a few ideas of different ways that you can use the boxes in your planner. 

Prayer boxes plant bible verse of week journal 

1. Categorize by Name. One of my favorite ways to plan my prayers is by putting the name of each person I am praying for in the heading of each box. Under each name, I spend time intentionally listing and reflecting on the specific requests for each individual. 


2. Give Each Box a Category. This style of planning is centered around different categories. Each box will represent its own category. I like to think about the many requests, people, leaders, and places that the Holy Spirit has impressed upon my heart. Oftentimes, there are more people that I want to pray for than I have boxes. One solution is to categorize your requests. Some example categories are family, friends, community, work, school, church, and world.


3. Categorize by the Day. The thought of praying through each box every single day can feel a bit overwhelming when you can barely find 5 minutes to use the bathroom without a tag along. This style of planning allows you to plan out who or what you are petitioning for in your prayer time each day. Take time at the beginning of your week to designate one box for each day of the week. In the boxes, list out your requests that you will spend each day praying over.


4. A Combination. My personal preference is to combine the styles together. It is important to me to pray for my husband and my children daily. They each have their own box, but the rest of the boxes are designated to categories. 

 green journal, black pen, bible & felt beads on a light wood surface

The “Box” space of the Prayer Planner is the heart of this prayer tool. This space creates opportunities for intentionality, consistency, and power in our prayer life and in our relationship with God. 

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