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Remove Distractions: The Prayer Planner + Notepad Bundle - Plan to Pray

Remove Distractions: The Prayer Planner + Notepad Bundle


Ever get frustrated at how easy it is to get distracted while praying?

yeah, us too.

While distractions while praying are unavoidable, we've learned how to not let them derail our prayers completely.

The solution: our beautifully designed Remember notepad.

Our 4" by 8" notepad features 50 lined pages, beautifully designed to match our Yearly Prayer Planner.

We even included boxes for the girl who loves to check off her list.

Keep one handy wherever you pray, and use it to jot down things you want to remember later.  Instead of fighting against distractions, simply jot it down, and keep praying.

Purchase this bundle and you will receive:

A Yearly Prayer Planner in Linen and a Remember Notepad.  

To learn more about The Yearly Prayer Planner, click here.

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